How to unblock a sink Barbican

It is not an unusual thing to get a sink blocked. It is a severely used part of our homes; therefore, the chances of a blockage are also high. To unblock a blocked sink Barbican, people use several methods. Fortunately this is not a tough job, so you can easily do it yourself. If some complications occur, you may call an expert.

The first thing in this process is to clear the plughole thoroughly whether it is the main problem point or not.

To flush the sink with a solution thoroughly is always a good idea to clear out any grease or dirt, especially before you start tackling the U- bend. As the first DIY job, you can pour a mixture of baking soda and plain white vinegar in the sink. Leave it for some time and then flush the sink with boiling water. It will clear the sink drain. But if the blockage is still there, you can use bleach but in a small amount. Do read the instructions carefully before using the bleach for the first time. Leave this solution for as long as you can in the sink drain and make sure that the amount is sufficient to sit completely in the whole drain system. If possible, leaving the bleach in the drain overnight and flushing in the morning with warm water could bring the best results in case of a blocked sink Barbican.

In the struggle of unblocking the sink, people also use harsh chemicals, but this is not recommended option. Chemical solutions could prove very harmful for you and it can cause the skin to burn. Some chemicals are so dangerous that you cannot even breathe near your sink while the chemical has been poured down. In any case of emergency, you must seek medical advice at once.

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