How to unblock a shower Barbican

Do you have a blocked shower Barbican that you wish to fix? There are a few methods you can apply when you have a blocked shower at home. Some of them are fairly easy with methods like using drain cleaner or a self-made water-baking soda solution. You can do a manual cleaning service to remove the clog in your shower or bath tub.It is a pretty serious problem in a household when a clogged shower becomes a mess. The blockage may not allow you to bathe casually since the water wont drain. If you plan on using a cleaning product from over the counter, you need to have safety measures in place as these chemical products may not be very safe to use. Always read the labels and see what you can do to avoid any mistakes.There are some preparations you may want to do such as:- Preparing the products and the tools to unclog the shower block- Using a crochet hook to remove the clog caused by hair or other objects – Having drain cleaner on hand ?a natural or chemical one will do- Following directions mentioned on the label- Preparing a baking soda and boiled water with vinegar mixture that would make a great natural drain cleaner- Flushing the solution in the shower – Always using goggles and gloves for your safety A shower sometimes takes a long time to drain, and this is not normal. The common cause of this is usually a clogged drain in your shower. For instance, soap scum and hair or other debris that pile up over months could mean a serious clogging down there. Not to mention, the foul odour from the drain may also lead to an uncomfortable situation at home. It is time to address the issue properly using the right method.