How to unblock a manhole Barbican

Manhole has a function to collect waste waters from a household. Lack of its maintenance or incorrect maintenance can cause a Blocked manhole Barbican and the development of unpleasant smells that will take many different measures and means to remove. What is going to be done if a manhole gets blocked anyway? In this case, it is necessary to clean it off and reestablish its proper function. This is a significant investment.

In order to prevent a Blocked manhole Barbican, it is important to maintain useful bacteria in a manhole, i.e. to have an awareness of a manhole function and how to maintain it properly. Besides knowing that you have to care for a manhole, it is also important to preventively add a high quality and verified biological additive. This is the best way to increase the work function of a manhole for a longer period than the average; this will save you and your neighborhood from the unpleasant consequences of a smelly or overflowing manhole and help you avoid dirty and expensive reparation or digging a new manhole. You also prevent contagious diseases and generally contribute to the protection of the environment, which is more than necessary these days.

Treatment should be performed as close as possible to where the dirt is being created (toilet, plumbing, syphon), to put useful bacteria on the walls of plumbing, which will instantly lead to a decrease of unpleasant smells. This way purified water, enriched with useful bacteria, comes to a manhole where further processing is completed.

There are also additional aids to dissolve surface crust before placing bacteria in the plumbing.
It is useful to mention that when a manhole is cleaned, one should never completely drain out the tank (leave 1/3 because of the presence of placed useful bacteria) so that the biologic processing of waste water can continue (dissolution of organic waste and prevention of unpleasant smells).