How to unblock an outside drain

The pipes below the ground are generally laid in straight lines as much as possible throughout their route. But of course at some point a bend is required. To fulfill such a need, a bend of less than a right angle is used and along with this bend an inspection chamber is also placed. Nowadays a manhole cover is placed over the outside drain. But in older times an inspector chamber was used to join the main sewer with the house drain.

You may guess that you are facing the problem of a blocked outside drain Barbican because of some symptoms that includes the failure of WCs. Moreover baths fail to drain efficiently and quickly or you may have an overflowing inspection chamber or gully. You may clear the gully by cleaning it. Otherwise, you should be ready to unclog the drain with the help of rods. Drain rods are very easy to access as they can be bought or hired from the hardware store. Wearing rubber gloves is also a good idea.

Here is a list of some tools and equipments that can be used for clearing the blocked outside drain Barbican:

? Drain rods that have an attached 100 mm diameter rubber plunger
? A pair of long rubber or leather gloves
? Hose
? Strong garden spade
? Watering can
? Disinfectant

Locating the blockage should be your prime strategy. Pull up the cover of the manhole with the help of a strong garden spade so that the cover can be removed easily. Now check the chamber which is closer to your main drain. If you find it empty, the block will be in a drain between this and the higher chamber or the gully. But if the chamber is full, you have to inspect the chamber that is next closest to your main drain or the septic tank.

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