Causes of a toilet blockage and how to deal with it

Blocked toilet Barbican is an issue that people have to deal with from time to time and for different reasons. It is unfortunate when the toilet gets blocked. The most common reasons for blocking are:
Heavy loads
Toilet paper that is just too much to put in the toilet pan
Dealing with the blockage is a very essential thing to do. The very first thing to do is to actually get to know where the blockage is exactly. In some places, drain inspection covers may be available. You can actually lift the one that is closest to the pan. If you find that the chamber is full, then it is necessary to try to clear the blockage within the pipes and all around the drain. You can use a makeshift device or a specialist rod. The makeshift devices include wood or wire. If the drain isn’t blocked, it means that the blockage is somewhere else. The blockage may actually be at the pan.
How to fix most blockages
The first thing that you can do is push a cleaning wire which is flexible down the pan. To have better control, you may need another person observing at the drain chamber so as to be on the lookout for the item causing the blockage. Any object that emerges needs to be removed so as to avoid any greater issues further down.
If you have an auger or plunger, they can be really helpful with unblocking the toilet. You can also think about using chemicals. Caustic soda or drain cleaner can be used. It is, however, of great importance that you follow all the instructions that are laid out. The products can be dangerous and they need to be handled as safely as possible. Rubber gloves are a must at all times.

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